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Completely accidentaly i found that band in the one billion sites of the internet. There's nothing special to add about Claustrophobia, because they don't play too long and don't have large discography. It doesn't change the fact that for the question about some short interview about their happy work they answered really fast, not just with the one-word-answers. For the black metal maniacs,"Dechristianization" will be a very tasty titbit and if you want to know Vincent and his compans've wanted to say, you should turn your eyes a few lines down.

Hell(o) ! When I am connecting words "Holland" and "metal" - it makes me think of death metal bands like Gorefest, Altar, Katafalk, Severe Torture. But damn! Holland and black metal I've never associated, to moment when first time I heard Claustrophobia (excluding Funeral Winds ;). Tell me how it is with Dutch black metal (can you recommend some bands from your country to black metal maniacs) and how do you view on these facts that I wrote above ?

It's true that the Dutch Death metal scene is more known in other countrys than the Black metal scene from Holland. This is mostly because there are a lot of black metal bands here, (around 250/300 stated in a Dutch blackmetal - research done by Vincent Meelhuysen) but the most of them don't get known, this is because it's extremely hard here to create a name for yourself. Not a lot of people can appreciate Black Metal, they just think it has no structure and has the sound of a pig being slaughtered. We are a small country, and the nummber of people that are Black Metal fans are by city minimum. Therefore getting a gig is hard because the owners of the stage's don't want to book you for the lack of intrest in the genre. We mostly only play on metal festivals, because you can't book a stage all for yourself here. We have played most of our gigs together with the BM band Yoatzin. This is a more traditional Black Metal, band in which our drummer plays guitar. Check that out if you have the time. There are also some other great Dutch Black Metal bands like Ancient rites, Fluisterwoud, Cirith Gorgor, Funeral winds, Haatstrijd, Funeral proccession, and so on...

You're very young band, so if you can please introduce Claustrophobia to polish maniacs.

Well, we are a Black Metal band from Holland, started in 2002. We really started writing some material in 2004/2005, and then played our first gig in the end of 2005. Our music is not like traditional black metal, but more like black with a little death here and there. And it's more clean then the original black metal in my opinion. We have also released our debute album Dechristianisation and we are now working on new material. The new material shall be more raw, more aggressive, more sadistic and more Blackend then our previous work. Lucifers arrival is a good example for the road we want to wander. Our biggest priority now is to play gigs and creating a bigger name for ourselfs.

I found in your archives fact, that you've played three concerts to this time. How do you remember these "partys" ? Some interesting situation maybe took place there ?

Well, our last gig we played was in a bar were we usually go out. This bar is extremely narrow and we played like sideways in front of our drummer so that people could see us. That was a strange way to play but luckely the sound was good and we had a great time. What I also can remember... Is the first time we played with corpse paint on. I tought of it looking pretty good, but I don't know if we are going to do that again because of the time it takes to put that shit on. But maybe in the future...

On "Dechrisianisation" we can hear 5 hateful antichristian hymns. Please tell something about details of recording this stuff. Are there every songs that you recorded on the session, or do you have something up one's sleeve, covers ?

Well, we recorded the album in a studio near our home. The idea was to record 5 songs and we've just made it on our 2 day basis to record those songs. We have had some minor problems with equipment at the time of recording like guitar sampler fried and drumkit parts broken, but these where all easely restored and was not such a big problem. The mixing was done in 4 evenings and that was a bit more than our first idea but I think it was worth it. The artwork was done by a friend of ours (Hellvoort productions, of the Dutch Blackmetal Elite). This is where we also did a photoshoot for the inlay of the booklet. All of the songs we made are created by us. We only play one cover on stage if we have some spare time left. This is a song of Marduk called "Christraping Blackmetal". But mostly we dont even have time to play that song so its more our own work..

Claustrophobia started exist in 2002. How do you remember your beginnings ? Did you record something else to this time, before "Dechristianisation" ?

Well, in the begining it was the idea of Thomas (vocals) and Vincent (bass) to create a band. That idea seased to exist pretty fast because we could not play any instruments. We started to learn playing guitar and found are third member (Joos ) - pretty fast for also playing guitar. It was like 2 years later (after we try'd allot of drummers) when we found our drummer (Szando) that we finaly started writing songs. When we began our first rehersal session we were all pretty nervous. Because at the time we were 18 and 19 years old, only Zsandor was 25. Then when we began playing, it was like....Damn, that's not bad at all, the drummer totaly got our vision. We were so amesed by our drummer, because we had never played with a reasonable drummer before. Then, we completed our first song at our first rehearsel session. This song is also the first song on our cd (called "Crucified savior"). After the first song all of it ran really fast.

"Dechristianization" is very suggestive title. Around Claustrophobia is many symbols, which are connected with Satanism (e.g. pentagram at your index site, titles of your song J).What is Satanism for you in your every day life ?

It's not really a big thing in our lives I think. I just like black metal music because of the speed of it, the raw sound, demonic Vocals, the pure hate and coldness you experience when you're listening to Pure Black Metal. Our vocalist is more into it then the others I guess. He's very anti human anti religion person, he vomits on all extreme beliefs. He's not the kind of a person, who preforms Satanic rituals or burns down churches... but does enjoys hearing in the news that another churchs has burned down haha!

Some time ago in Poland was advertised "black metal festival" at which were announced bands like Marduk, Mayhem, Impaled Nazarene and few other. One of polish politics started spreading antypropaganda.He started talking that these bands has got satanistic world view, many Satanist from all country will come to Warsaw and "it will be one big ritual" , "this is immoral" and the other pointless shits. Organizer of the concert afraided of boycott concert by catholic organization decided to cancel the concert few days before "party". What do you think about all this situation ? Are there in Holland similar situations with concert organizations.

I don't recall any situations like you descriped ocurring in Holland recently. The Dutch politicians are I think, in that way, a lot more relaxed concerning matters like black metal concerts, festivals and that sort of things. I also think the christian community in Holland is very small when compared to Poland, so even if there would be a protest here against a black metal festival, it would have little use. What I think of the situation you metioned? Absolute Fucking Madness. I dont see all Black metal fans marching through the streets with signs protesting against a christian concert, ofcourse we hate it/them, and what we do about it? We protest with our music, write some hateful antichristian hymns and try to piss off those Religious church cunts haha!

What do you think about polish metal scene ? Every country has got own stereotypes. Exluding music from your country, many people associate Holland with legal marijuana, brothels, abortions, gay marriages. How do you look at it ? From the other hand, what do you think when you hear word "Poland" ?

I immediately think of a cold harsh country with bands like; Hate, Behemoth, Vader, Vesania, Azarath and Decapitated. The Polish Death metal scene is at the moment one of the best out there, Black metal the same story, then i think of: The old Behemoth, Besatt, Tenebrosus, Selbstmord, Infernal War, and the sadistic sound of the band Mordhell. To bad some band don't exist anymore, like Gehenna and Grom and so on... But what you gonna do about it, they did there part, they also made Blackmetal what it is these days. When a band diesm another one Shall rise from those ashes, that's why metal shall never die... And of course Vesania is doing a hell of a job representing the symphonic Blackmetal side of Poland.

In the end, why did you named band "Claustrophobia"? Does someone form band has this illness? And of course tell what can we expect of Claustrophobia in the nearest future

I guess this is the moment we tell you the great story behind the name "Claustrophobia" and how it all means something to us, but thats not the case... It's just the name Thomas thought off, it sounded good so we all agreed upon that being the best name for our band. No bullshit. we once were called "Incarnation" and Almost "Homnis Nocturna", but it changes back to Claustrophobia. When Szandor entered the band the name was already deicided.

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